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Maria Agerskov


Having dug deeper into my studies, I have become very passionate with the endless opportunities we as BT/ISM students have. Truthfully, I think Piste has more potential than what it is so far, so this year will, in addition to being about celebrating our 10th anniversary, be the year of improvements. As the chairperson, my biggest goal for the year is for Piste to become something each of our members can identify with and feel they belong to.

As a third year Business Technology student with a minor in Computer Science, some may call me a bit techy. Even though I enjoy all things related to web software design and development as well as emerging technologies, I am still a BT/ISM student by heart. I welcome you to come talk to me about anything you have in mind, especially if regarding ideas or improvements for Piste or BT/ISM. :)

Sini Muttonen

Vice Chairman

As a vice-chairman my main role this year is to be the right hand of the chairman. Together with Maria we handle the routine business of Piste and ensure that the board can focus on their specific areas of responsibilities. I’m also in charge of organizing the legendary California-study trip. Together with the board we’ll organize different kind of events during the year and represent BT/ISM-students in Aalto.

My main goal for this year is to re-identify Piste. Piste is having its 10th anniversary in 2017 and we aim to make things big this year! We have an enormous amount of great students studying BT/ISM and our job is to connect these students with each other, faculty and potential employers. I’m thrilled to see what future holds for Piste and BT/ISM.

Andrew Rowlinson


As the club treasurer, I am aiming to continue to run our club’s finances effectively so we can fund interesting and useful events and excursions.
I joined Piste to grow the club in its 10th year, have fun with fellow Piste members, and improve recognition of the information and service management/ business technology brand.

Valentina Arrieta

Faculty Relations, Academic affairs and Piste 10th Anniversary

Together with Khoa we create and support a connection between students and faculty to promote constant improvement and development of the courses, teaching methods and study programs. As a second year Master student I see how important to have students’ input for the improvement of the education process. We, students, have the biggest interest in getting high quality education and who, if not us, should have an influence on the way education is provided. That’s why I joined Piste board this year, to promote students’ interests contributing this way to the improvement of the studying experience.However, this is not the only role I have. As Piste is reaching its 10th Anniversary we have to organise an amazing event to celebrate it. So, I was honored to become a director of a Piste 10th anniversary ball and try my best at making this event unforgettable.

Akseli Olin

Corporate Relations
Tel. 0404188276

Corporate relations are very important to a student club and its members. Potential future careers are available to Piste students in companies from many different areas.Competition for great graduates is fierce but just as well students want to get to know the companies they’ll be working for. They want to know which companies deserve their attention. Corporate relations is about balance: it is both about improving the face of companies that wish to attract students, but also showing companies the worth of Piste students and graduates. Professional attitude and the innovativeness to find interesting opportunities are important characteristics. Persistence is also key to success – the role can be heavy and hard at times, but the rewards are great.

Misa Bakajic


My role at Piste is to ensure the steady flow of information is always maintained. Beyond that, I see communication as more than just the exchange of information, it is also the first step to the exchange of ideas. In order for Piste to bridge the gap between fields of business and technology we often rely on effective communication to be the glue that helps improve teamwork, decision making, and problem solving. Since idea sharing is very important to our team, I think it is vital that we have an open structure for dialogue. The speech writer James Humes once said that “the art of communication is the language of leadership” and I view the board members of Piste as a collection of leaders with the capacity to tackle any obstacle that comes our way.

Hien Le

Event Coordinator

Katja Nyyssölä

Senior Advisor

Markus Juslenius

Senior Advisor

Enjoying my third year at Aalto and continuing my journey with Piste, I’m currently assisting the new board to achieve a successful and eventful year while reflecting on experiences from the past year and lessons learned. Looking forward to our 10th anniversary and deeper integration with our students, faculty and business associates.

You can also reach us by regular mail:

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