Business Technology (BSc)

Studies in the Bachelor’s Programme in Business Technology (BT) will provide you with an overall view of different business functions and their interdependence, good analytical skills, a strong theoretical background and the ability to apply theories in business problems.

Bachelor’s Programme in Business Technology includes courses in

  • Information Systems Science
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Management Science
  • Logistics

Information and Service Management (MSc)

The Master’s Programme in Information and Service Management (ISM) offers interdisciplinary education with a wide perspective on managing global and increasingly electronic business operations. ISM focuses on the skills of management and analysis of information and innovative new services. To master this rapidly developing field, the programme offers students the know-how to efficiently manage and develop business processes using information systems and networks.

There are three alternative fields of specialization in the Programme:

  • A. Business Analytics
  • B. Information Systems Science
  • C. Logistics and Service Management


You can check out the KY Fringe Study Guide (Varjo-opinto-opas) to see what students have said about courses offered to BT and ISM students.